The SEAENERGY marine generators are the solution for energy demands on board, in a power range from 45 to 470 kVA, with 1500 rpm (50 Hz) and 1800 rpm (60 Hz) versions. With an individualized configuration for each vessel, the SEAENERGY generators are manufactured by TDMED POWER SYSTEMS, company specialized in on-site power generation since 1987. TDMED puts its knowledge in the hands of the customer who wants to bring us specific technical requirements. The result should be a completely customized solution.

In its design, SEAENERGY try to gather the confidence, robustness and durability required by continuous power generation at sea. The SEAENERGY groups guarantee it thanks to the components installed coming from the manufacturers that TDMED POWER SYSTEMS represents.


Specially designed for recreational boats, the yachting range generators are equipped with insulating canopy to achieve the proper reduction of DB on board.

Highly soundproof and tailored to the client according to the room available in the engine room. The canopy is modular, with removable panels, to have comfortable access to the boat.


Without soundproof canopy, designed for practical operation on work boats, fishing boats, merchant vessels or tugboats. The reliability of the components that TDMED assembles must shine now more than ever.


Driven by a passion to improve our equipment, we want our SEAENERGY to be accessible to everyone, from the shipyard technical managers to the experienced captains. Our team designs solutions by gathering the advice of boat operators and builders so that their information allows us to make the generator they are looking for.

Customers can refer to standard models, but SEAENERGY generators are customized, and are manufactured and modified at the factory according to customer requirements.


SEAENERGY has chosen John Deere engines to equip its generator set. This choice is simply due to the great reliability of the engine, designed for applications that require constant power with a high percentage of load, this together with the durability that is needed in an application such as marine.

TDMED is one of the largest John Deere Power Systems distributors in the EMEA area since 1994 and, as engineering specialized in propulsion and on-site power generation, knows the heart of its generator sets like no one else. Thanks to direct contact with the factory for the definition and configuration of its components, TDMED manages to offer highly competitive and practical SEAENERGY generators.

We permanently have more than 100 John Deere marine engines in stock in our Madrid warehouses and a wide variety of alternators (Stamford, Leroy Somer and Mecc Alte among others) for a customized supply as agile as possible.

Likewise, we have groups of different configurations for immediate delivery. Check availability at


Our control and monitoring system is based on the Modbus TCP/RTU protocol, which allows its integration with other PMS (Power Management System) immediately.

We also have a remote diagnosis solution for the resolution of incidents in an agile manner. From TDMED we will connect through Ethernet or remote connection by GPRS, maintaining the confidentiality of the data and managing the data coming from the engine and other systems to warrant the vessels all our knowledge to solve problems remotely if possible or generate a report for quick resolution at shore.

The monitoring system also allows automatic start, shutdown or alarm management, among other functions.

The objective, in short, is to guarantee the maximum number of operating hours in the ideal regime for the generator.

5.7“, 8” y 12,1” colour display


SEAENERGY may have different configurations for the cooling system, adapting to the most suitable for each application. Keel Cooling; Heat Exchanger cooling for diesel propulsion, electric generator and auxiliary pumps; or simple radiator cooling for use in ports and emergency situations.

SEANERGY generators are water cooled (both for the diesel engine and for the generator), thereby achieving a compact and reduced design.


Leveraging Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), we offer a wide range of marine generator sets that meet IMO Tier III emission standards. We also offer different engine options that meet the EU Stage V Marine requirements.

We supply our generator sets with other integrated exhaust gas aftertreatment systems such as the DPF particulate filter. We provide DPF configurations, DPF/SCR combinations or simple SCR solutions, depending on the particular requirements of each case and looking for the greatest simplicity that complies with emissions legislation requirements.


All SEAENERGY marine generators undergo exhaustive quality tests on our load bank for generators and on our two engine test benches up to 4,000 hp. Both, in the designing phase and before delivery to our customer, the result is a reliability above-average.

The generators feature a corrosion and vibration protection that keep the controller, engine and alternator safe from marine environmental conditions and strong vibrations.

We always use genuine parts and our consumable accessories are specifically designed to keep your SEAENERGY generator running at peak performance.

Likewise, we offer the possibility of Bureau Veritas certification in our facilities.


SEAENERGY guarantees a close after-sales service through its workshops in Spain, Portugal and Turkey and its network of more than 40 official dealers, a network that has been developed for more than 35 years.

In addition to this guarantee, SEAENERGY generators are supported by the John Deere official service network, the largest in the world within our sector, with 3,700 service points spread across 5 continents.


SEAENERGY generators and JOHN DEERE engines have been installed in a large number of vessels, shipyards and countries. Contact us at our email, and we can give you references of similar boats in your area.

TDMED POWER SYSTEMS, formerly Transdiesel, was founded in 1987 and is part of Casli Group. It started as a distributor in Spain for diesel and gas engines and automatic gearboxes. Its continuous expansion led it to become an engineering company specializing in propulsion and on-site energy generation. The company is now present in Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania, and is active throughout the Mediterranean Sea area.

TDMED POWER SYSTEMS stands out for its powerful application engineering, which collaborates directly with manufacturers and users to carry out modifications, prototypes and developments that require expert knowledge in engine and gearbox technology.

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